Meet Dr. Talcott

Dr. Bradford Talcott M.D.

Dr. Bradford Talcott M.D. is board certified in neurology and is a headache specialist. Dr. Talcott has suffered from migraines from the age of 7 and developed MigraBlock II to help himself, his family and his patients. He has helped thousands of headache sufferers over the years and now, MigraBlock II can help you too!
Dr. Bradford Talcott received his undergraduate degree in Molecular Biology then obtained both his MD and PhD degrees at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX. He completed his residency and fellowship training in neurology at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.
Dr. Talcott has treated thousands of migraine patients in his clinic and has helped countless more through speaking, education, outreach on social media and with the creation of MigraBlock II.
Dr. Talcott, a migraine sufferer since the age of 7, currently takes MigraBlock II twice daily along with his family. He currently recommends MigraBlock II to his existing patients to help alleviate the symptoms of migraines.