Migraine Prevention

Recurring Headaches?

The Preventative Principle

Many people ask us, “What should I do to get better control my headaches?” We tell them there are two key issues in headache management. The first is to eliminate the headaches as you get them and the second is to prevent the next headache from happening.
Preventative therapy usually requires you to take something every day that can calm and support the nerves to reduce the chances of the next headache starting. The perfect preventative would stop all of your headaches from happening. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as the perfect preventative for most people. But I can tell you, with the right preventative, many people will find that their headaches may happen much less often.
When using a preventative be aware:

  • Your headache frequency will start to decrease about 4-8 weeks after you start taking your preventative.
  • Your preventative will only work if taken every day as directed (often morning and night).
  • Even with the best preventative you will still have the occasional headache.
  • Many prescription medications can be used as preventatives, if you (and your doctor) decide to try these, be aware that you will have to make it through any side effects before you are likely to see any benefit.

Many patients prefer to use natural preventatives- In our experience, more than 95% of my patients wish to try a natural preventative prior to using a prescription drug.